Bouncy castles sales are currently booming inflatable insurance, as is the hiring of inflatables for both children’s and adult’s parties. But if you are planning to either buy or hire a bouncy castle, what are the important considerations to make in regards to its safe usage.

Understandably there is little point in having a bouncy castle that will not fit into your chosen location. This will mean measuring whereabouts you are planning to put the inflatable, this could be your back garden but equally if you are expecting rain this could mean placing the inflatable indoors, in a town hall or function room – do however make sure that any indoor or outdoor space is large enough to safely house the inflatable.

Whether you are buying or hiring it is vitally important to consider the size of the inflatable for another reason. It is vital to consider the size of the party and work out how many people or children will be able to use the item at any one time. Normally insurance policies will place strict instructions on how many will be allowed on the inflatable which if voided can render the insurance pointless.

Setting up the bouncy castle depends upon whether you are in a hire or sales process. If you are hiring the item then typically the set up will be carried out by the supplier and in most cases will be included in the cost. If buying you should receive some training on how to set up the inflatable safely. Normally set up takes around half an hour so leave yourself enough time so that it is set up before the party starts.

Inflatables are typically made out of soft material that should not be abrasive. Equally this material should be strong. Essentially you are looking for quality in the item, so that if you are hiring it will be fine for the day and if you are buying will last.

When setting up the inflatable ensure that it is well anchored into the ground. Inflatables have in the past been lifted by the wind so it is a major concern to make sure that the anchor points are strong enough to stand up to the climactic conditions.

Finally, once the inflatable is set up, it is important to ensure that users are supervised at all times. This applies to children but also to adults. Understandably as adults are busier, making sure that no tomfoolery occurs is an important safety principle.